We are happy to be hosting our event for the sixth consecutive year.  Below are some of the comments we have received as a result of our event:


Thank you so much for hosting such a lovely event for the kids in the community. This was our first attendance and heard it from our friends in the neighborhood. The Santa picture event with the kids is already a special event for the town. The additional treats, mini get together for everyone and the gifts for the kids is truly amazing. I just want to send a special thank you to the firm and your team for hosting such a wonderful event for the community.

- Bonita

Ridgefield Park, New Jersey


Thank you so much for your generosity.  You really made my daughter's day.  She was so happy to see Santa! Everyone there really displayed the true meaning of the holiday season--selflessness and giving.  May God repay you 10 fold for your kind spirit.

 - Stephanie

Little Ferry, New Jersey


Thank you for sending the photos and arranging the Santa Claus event.

Really appreciate you doing this for the kids. We enjoyed visiting the Santa Claus and my kid enjoyed the present and goodie bags.

- Ravi

Ridgefield Park, New Jersey


Thank you so much! My daughter really enjoyed herself.

- Stephanie Q

Ridgefield Park, New Jersey

Thank you for organizing such a nice event and for taking the time to send the pictures.

 Happy Holidays!

 - Andrea

Bogota, New Jersey

Fantastic! We enjoyed it so much last year and told all our friends about it. I will spread the word and see you there!

- Brianne

Ridgefield Park, New Jersey

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